Mediations and Arbitrations for standard family law matters
Mediations or Arbitrations for standard matters; Mediations and Arbitrations for complex family law matters.

Mediations or Arbitrations for three or more law firms, complex, extraordinary cases, class actions or PAGA

Flat fee for travel to Fresno or Bakersfield (minimum hearing duration - three hours)

Travel fee beyond Fresno and Bakersfield (minimum hearing duration - eight hours)
An overtime rate applies to evening or weekend appointments. An eight hour minimum applies to full day appointments. Hearings booked for one half day are billed a minimum of three hours.
Half and single day mediations or arbitrations: Notice must be received at
least three full business days in advance of the hearing date. (Weekends and holidays are not considered business days.)

$1000.00/Half Day
$2000.00/Full Day
Multiple day mediations or arbitrations:
Notice must be provided at least forty five days in advance. Rate is charged for eight hours per scheduled day. Attempt will be made to backfill (and refund) as much as possible.

$3200-4800/Day for multiple day mediations or arbitrations